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Live gig at An Club

The idea of forming Shinigami was born in late 2007 when founding members Dion (guitar) and Hector (bass) met while doing their national service. The enthusiasm they shared for rock and heavy metal music was what sparked their friendship and they soon talked about playing together.

It was however only in 2009, after Dion had quit the band he was playing for, that the two of them decided to form a band of their own.

Combining one of Dion’s killer riffs with Hector’s lyrics, the first of Shinigami’s songs – Kamikaze – started to take form.

Long-time friend of Hector’s, Manos P.(main lyrisist, first Shinigami’s drummer) was called in to occupy the drum stool, bringing a large volume of lyrics with him. Next to join the group was singer Chris.

Right from the beginning Shinigami concentrated on writing their own material. With each member of the group bringing his own musical influences from outstanding Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Dio, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Motley Crüe, Tool, etc. Shinigami managed to find their own style and musical personality playing Heavy Rock.

LATE 2010


Live gig at Oksigono 2011

In late 2010, original lead singer and original drummer left the band due to personal reasons. They were soon replaced by drummer Moudi, and lead singer George.

For the next couple of years Shinigami played quite a few shows focusing not only on their own material but also on the challenge of covering songs taken from a broad spectrum of musical genres, in their own style.

LATE 2012


Photoshoot 2014

At the end of 2012 the band parted ways amicably with both Moudi and George.

In search of new members Hector called another old friend Lefteris to ask him whether he would like to play guitar alongside Dion, and he happily obliged.

With the addition of vocalist Manos and drummer Vangelis, Shinigami kicked off 2014 recording a demo and rehearsing for live gigs.



Live gig at Harley Davidson Club Hellas 2015

2015 finds the band with their most solid lineup.

It is a time of changes and hard work as Shinigami is for the first time fronted by a female vocalist Christine’s incredibly powerful and talented performance of the band’s songs along with Stelios’ thunderous drumming have given their music a new breath as they headed into the studio for recording.

The year ended for the band with a very successful gig and a few recorded tracks awaiting mixing and mastering, which are to be released in early 2016.



At Rehearshal 2018

January 2018 finds Shinigami with one of the best lineups in the band’s history.

Marina, an amazing singer, and Costas,a skillfull hard rock drumer, joined the band.

A new era of Shinigami’s music begun!!!!